questions and zen



two wonderful publications have gone live recently and due to the kindness of some very lovely editors,
a few of my poems have been included. it is time (past due) for thanks!
first, a ‘thank you’ to  marie marshall  for including me in  the autumn 2012 showcase  on  the zen space.   do stop by for a leisurely stroll … then on your way home, drop into   amazon   and order marie’s  new novel Lupa!   everyone needs her own copy.     congratulations, marie!!
and a ‘thank you’ to dale wisely for including   my poem   in   questions,  the new mini-issue at   right hand pointing.   I’m so happy to be able to share that space with fellow poet-friend   deb scott   and other awesome writers. it’s a great read; don’t miss it!


joyful moon –
I sing with the voice
of a crow



questions and zen

things with wings


oh, it’s just one of those days when even the mulch in the grocery store parking lot catches on fire — until aubrie cox does what only she can do. her latest project is now live and it most definitely has wings! you simply must go and download immediately the pdf of Things with Wings on Yay Words!  before you know it, you’ll be smiling.

and who knows — you may even catch a glimpse of a few feathered poets!


thank you for including me in such a fun project, aubrie!


things with wings