yay words!


Aubrie Cox released her latest project a few days ago, and it’s a hoot!   Fool’s Paradise is a collection of “found” haiku and other small, poetic forms — Aubrie invited contributors to create poems using song titles and/or band names. What’s amazing to me is to read the poetry without immediate knowledge of the origin of the words (Aubrie so cleverly arranged things this way!) — the titles take on a new life and meaning in the hands of a new person. It’s a great project, as usual, and I’m thrilled to be included!   thank you, Aubrie!


if no one ever
marries me—



“If No One Ever Marries Me” — Natalie Merchant
“Constellations” — Jack Johnson

yay words!

things with wings


oh, it’s just one of those days when even the mulch in the grocery store parking lot catches on fire — until aubrie cox does what only she can do. her latest project is now live and it most definitely has wings! you simply must go and download immediately the pdf of Things with Wings on Yay Words!  before you know it, you’ll be smiling.

and who knows — you may even catch a glimpse of a few feathered poets!


thank you for including me in such a fun project, aubrie!


things with wings

feathered poets

hello, my lovely poet-friends!

to celebrate poetry month, I will be posting (here, on this blog) small stones/ haiku/ micropoems written by other poets. it’s my (crazy) way to participate in the ‘Couplets: a multi-author poetry blog tour’ offered up by Joanne Merriam. If you send me one (or more!) poems, I plan to post one poet a day with a link to whatever you wish (your site?). if you have a book/ chapbook to promote, I will link to that as well. I’ll call these posts ‘feathered poets’ and plan to add a blogroll/ info page soon.

If you’re interested, please send me what you’d like me to post to —

aewerren(at)yahoo(dot)com. please put “April Couplets” in the subject line. I’ve had a wonderful response already — it should be an exciting month!

feathered poets