an ongoing challenge.

in august of 2012, I found an amazing list of moon names. I thought this could make interesting haiku, with the moon names serving as kigo.

click the #moon tag to read my attempts.


moon name sources:

AniTsalagi Svnoyihi

everything under the moon

farmer’s almanac

keith’s moon page


july full #moon names used as kigo —

ripe corn moon — cherokee
hungry ghost moon — chinese


june full #moon names used as kigo —

watermelon moon — natchez


may full #moon names used as kigo —

fat horses moon — cheyenne
grass moon — neo-pagan


april full #moon names used as kigo —

big leaves moon — apache
growing moon — celtic


march full #moon names used as kigo —

crow moon — algonquin
catching fish moon — algonquin
strawberry moon — cherokee
fish moon — colonial american
little spring moon — creek
whispering wind moon — hopi
snow crust moon — anishnaabe
little frog moon — omaha
long days moon — wishram


february full #moon names used as kigo —

little famine moon — choctaw
bony moon — cherokee
raccoon moon — sioux
wind moon — creek
hunger moon — algonquin
cooking moon — choctaw
rabbit moon — potawatomi
snow moon — algonquin
ice moon — celtic
long dry moon — assiniboine
sparkling frost moon — arapaho
little bud moon — kiowa
gray moon — pima
running fish moon — winnebago
moon when trees pop — dakotah sioux
spruce tips moon — passamaquoddy
rest and cleansing moon — blackfoot
old moon — cree
storm moon — medieval english


january full #moon names used as kigo —

quiet moon — celtic
ice moon — san juan/ neo-pagan
old moon — algonquin
wolf moon — medieval (english)/ algonquin
big cold moon — mohawk
great spirit moon — anishinaabeg
whirling wind moon — passamaquoddy
little winter moon — creek
man moon — taos
flying ant moon — apache
joyful moon — hopi


december full #moon names used as kigo —

long night(s) moon — neo-pagan
frost moon — unknown
cold moon — celtic
bitter moon — chinese
cold time moon — mohawk
snow moon — cherokee


november full #moon names used as kigo —

falling leaves moon — sioux


october full #moon names used as kigo —

wine moon — medieval (english)
spirit moon — unknown
falling leaves moon — arapaho

september full #moon names used as kigo —

corn maker moon (abernaki)
black butterfly moon (cherokee)
singing moon (celtic)
little chestnut moon (creek)
drying grass moon (cheyenne)
hay cutting moon (yuchi)
paperman moon (comanche)
deer paw moon (omaha)
yellow leaf moon (taos)


august full #moon names used as kigo —

last fruit moon (cherokee)
joyful moon (hopi)
feather shedding moon (passamaquoddy)
women’s moon (choctaw)
yellow leaves moon (kiowa)
dispute moon (celtic)
black cherries moon (sioux)
wheat cut moon (san juan)
moon when the cherries turn black (sioux)
red moon (algonqin)
drying up moon (cherokee)
sturgeon moon (algonquin)
barley moon (unknown)
big ripening moon (creek)
big harvest moon (creek)
geese shedding feathers moon (arapaho)
middle moon (potawatomi)
young ducks fly moon (cree)
heat moon (creek)
ripen moon (dakota)
wood cutter’s moon (algonquin)
yellow flower moon (osage)
moon of life at its height (hopi)
new fall moon (comanche)


another small challenge
november 10, 2011

stories I used for my #smalltales project

the bee and the orange tree
grandmother spider steals the sun
the enchanted canary
anansi and the pot of wisdom
how the milky way came to be
three billy goats gruff
little red riding hood
when mr. terrapin went riding on the clouds
the story of a boy who went forth to find fear
how the earth was made (creek)
the six swans
daughter of the sun
the crow and the pitcher

the sources —

cherokee legends and the trail of tears

*the fables of aesop — 1995

grimm brothers’ children’s and household tales

folktexts: a library of folktales, folklore, fairytales and myths

native languages of the americas


all poetry by angie.werren

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