airbursts, shattercones and the space for zen


I’m happy (and a few other words, too) to announce that today marks the publication of my poetry in two different places. a great, heart-felt ‘thank you’ to marie marshall for including me once again in her wonderful ‘the zen space’ — in the Summer 2012 Showcase. come help celebrate Matsuo Bashō’s famous haiku; you may just notice some familiar ‘feathered’ friends during your wandering.

morning fog
I’m startled by the splash
of frogs

and right hand pointing is now live with issue 52: airbursts and shattercones. I’m thrilled to have two of my prose poems included. this special issue was edited by howie good, who’s been very kind to me. rhp is consistently a great read; check it out!



airbursts, shattercones and the space for zen

5 thoughts on “airbursts, shattercones and the space for zen

    1. angie werren says:

      thanks, yousei! I was happy to see yours there, too. it’s nice to share words among friends. 🙂 I haven’t yet had time to savor the flavor of all the poems — but it’s on my schedule for today! (three more days of school!! …)


          1. Lol, indeed. I’m really looking forward to the summer. Many changes coming for me and though they’ll be tough, I’m ready to embrace them. I’ll probably post about them later. I miss writing. I haven’t had the head for it since surgery. Yesterday was the first day I felt any inspiration.



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