twenty seconds of haiku


8 thoughts on “1447

  1. other than my own “full of myself” work, this is just about my favorite: something called “feathers” – three lines, very very short and light – now the writer producer has started this new – video – also very short (performance, not written text): – Inspiring me to move outside the writing box – I hedgehog myself in (willingly and happily).


    1. angie werren says:

      thank you so much!

      I must confess — the only reason the words are spoken is because I couldn’t find a way to write them with my phone. (my voice bothers me!!)

      I’m having fun, stepping out of the box. 😉


      1. this morning my efforts are to transition into google Drive and Docs. The first document I tried is already around eight hundred pages. The next document attempts failed. I may divide into half and try again. Getting ready for trip to North Carolina the rest of this week. What you write inspires:

        plant ant sits
        thinks about


    2. Bob Braxton says:

      is it possible that I am seeing (in North Carolina mountains at Bend of Ivy Lodge) a small photograph of you (with head band) on the top door of the white refrigerator (lovely)?



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