big leaves moon —
she books a flight
to albania


nahaiwrimo (delta) | apache


9 thoughts on “1375

    1. angie werren says:

      she’s staying in korça; excavating on the vashtëmi site. and they may get a chance to go to macedonia. my little world traveler — she scares me to death.

      I’ve barely been three states in either direction from my couch.


  1. wow what fun to be on this journey. aloha Angie. yeah, not much we can do about those travel issues. relax and let it be as it is. archeology has been one of my long time fascinations.

    is this travel why i’ve not seen your work recently? am i on the wrong blog?

    i have a request: today i want to try something you were exploring a few weeks, months(?), last summer(?) ago. the pages where you cross out words leaving the words you want – or highlight the words you want, to create a new poetry. i’d like to reference one of your pages on that. but i’m technology challenged to find them again. if there is one post you’d like me to URL to, would you let me know, or send me to those days and i’ll pick one.

    i hope all is well with you and it’s simply spring pulling you out into the season. or of course i may just be on the off blog today i suppose. be well. aloha.


    1. angie werren says:

      sorry — looks like you found it before I saw this! 😀 I love what you did with the kitten — gives me some ideas!! (now, if you could just give me time…)

      I’ve been off line for a few days … back to work (ugh) and a busy weekend with my girls. ah, wish there was more time in the day. maybe if this rain moves in I will find my way back to the poetry, and not all those things I need to get to out in the yard! 😀


      1. yeah. that’s how I found it. I looked in the tags and thought “found” might be a place to look. I always know where I am however I don’t always know where I’ve been or how I got from there to here. so it took me a while to figure it out. another form of an amazing puzzle, this life.

        yeah, I’m glad to know busy is full of good things. I scramble at times too. I remembered your found poetry and knew I wanted to work on it when I could get to it. this seemed like a good opportunity for it.

        way cool that the post may launch you into some ideas too. fun on. I hope what I said in the post about your found work is okay. maybe you’ll find more poetry in the yard, heck, I know you will. I find it all the time on my walks.

        make sure when you do have the time you get on your poetry again, I find it way inspiring. thank you. aloha.



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