small stone

mindful writing challenge


2 thoughts on “1277

  1. the best thing i’ve ever seen anyone write about seagulls,
    a very nice telling of your experience, …i just don’t like seagulls, we call them flying rats, in the parks nearby where people throw old bread to them “constantly” … still i like your verse.


    1. angie werren says:

      oh, thanks, marty.

      they’re not all that common here, although there seems to be a flock that frequents the restaurants and I’ve heard there’s a huge flock at the dump. they’re different here, I suppose, than the seagulls who live where they’re expected to live — maybe because these are competing with pigeons, and crows, and the loud and nasty flocks of starlings that swarm in like they’re auditioning for alfred hitchcock. these gulls are silent, and they swoop in and leave again before you’ve even sure you’ve actually seen them.



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