yay words!


Aubrie Cox released her latest project a few days ago, and it’s a hoot!   Fool’s Paradise is a collection of “found” haiku and other small, poetic forms — Aubrie invited contributors to create poems using song titles and/or band names. What’s amazing to me is to read the poetry without immediate knowledge of the origin of the words (Aubrie so cleverly arranged things this way!) — the titles take on a new life and meaning in the hands of a new person. It’s a great project, as usual, and I’m thrilled to be included!   thank you, Aubrie!


if no one ever
marries meβ€”



“If No One Ever Marries Me” — Natalie Merchant
“Constellations” — Jack Johnson

yay words!

2 thoughts on “yay words!

  1. Angie, glad you enjoyed this project, and I agree with what you’re saying here! It’s so interesting to see how the titles were transformed in meaning when put together with other titles.

    The one you’ve highlighted here was my favorite of yours!



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