corn maker moon running all week just to sit still



nahai (one line)abernakia feathered photo


4 thoughts on “1211

  1. Me like. (But then I like most all you write… ) However, here, this time, written all on one line, and I suppose it’s silly of me, but I like this unified format. Much. (go figure) (but nice)


    1. angie werren says:

      thaks, neil. I like the one-line haiku, too. I do them now and again, but this one was for a prompt. johannes s.h. berg asked us to:

      “Write a one-line haiku adhering to the โ€normalโ€ techniques of haiku (jux & breaks/cuts). NOT a fluid/spoken/normal line.”

      I like the one-lines because there can be several possibilities of meaning, depending on where you breathe. ๐Ÿ˜‰



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