old boat —
a dragonfly lands
on the fisherman’s knee



nahai (boat)a feathered photo


2 thoughts on “1189

  1. jshb32 says:

    Great to also read your poems in “the nude” i.e. sine pittura / without picture. Not that your pictures and haiga are bad (you know that!) but these versions adds to their “weight” … does this make any sense?


    1. angie werren says:

      why yes, it makes perfect sense. 😀

      I think that’s why I split them up — words here, pictures on the other blog. two different things, really. I pretty much always write the words first, then come back here and find something that goes with a picture I’m doodling around. probably not what you’re *supposed* to do, but it works for me.

      thanks for popping in, and telling me — it’s nice to know someone’s reading this stuff. 😉



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