2 thoughts on “1110

  1. oh. outstanding – image. ku. bing-sing-zing and wow what happens after. aloha Angie – yeah, i like this. again. excellent ku placement as well (imo).

    i know you told me once that you select your click area for a camera shot based on where you see your words. that is a very astute understanding of the haiga process (imo again). and you do it well. fun on. aloha.


    1. angie werren says:

      hello, rick! I was just thinking about you today — and having that *conversation* about seeing the words… yeah, I still do that. not so sure if it’s an understanding as much as it may be an affliction… haha. thanks for your visit and your kind words; makes me smile.

      and did you see that bird nest up in the left-hand corner of the shed? I didn’t see it until I was putting the haiga together. don’t even realize what I’m taking pictures of, half the time. 😉



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