marie marshall



The vixen’s scream
a blemish
in the moon’s haunt



‘Fox Dream 3.1’ by Marie Marshall
enjoy more of Marie’s work on kvenna ráð
do consider purchasing her book ‘Naked in the Sea’

and please stumble into the zen space — maybe you were meant to.


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marie marshall

7 thoughts on “marie marshall

  1. Chilling poem by Marie. And that’s awesome, Angie, that you’re featuring a poet a day. Whew! That must be a lot of hard work too. When I return from my web hiatus, I know for sure there are A TON of catching up to do! I miss you you and everyone else in the haijin world.


        1. angie werren says:


          anything you’d like to share would be wonderful, and don’t forget the link for your blog! 😀



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