He trotted along happily, and by-and-by he crossed the
stream and came to the place where his friends-and-relations
lived. There seemed to be even more of them about than usual
this morning, and having nodded to a hedgehog or two, with whom
he was too busy to shake hands, and having said, “Good morning,
good morning,” importantly to some of the others, and “Ah,
there you are,” kindly, to the smaller ones, he waved a paw at
them over his shoulder, and was gone leaving such an air of
excitement and I-don’t-know-what behind him, that several
members of the Beetle family, including Henry Rush, made their
way at once to the Hundred Acre Wood and began climbing trees,
in the hope of getting to the top before it happened, whatever
it was, so that they might see it properly.



six more weeks —
he puts lettuce seedlings
in the cold frame


nahaiwrimo — frame
excerpt from The House at Pooh Corner,” “In which Rabbit has a busy day,
and we learn what Christopher Robin does in the mornings”


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