“I expect he’s just gone home,” said Christopher Robin to Rabbit.

“Did he say Good-bye-and-thank-you-for-a-nice-time?” said Rabbit.

“He’s only just said how-do-you-do,” said Christopher Robin.

“Ha!” said Rabbit. After thinking a little, he went on:
“Has he written a letter saying how much he enjoyed himself, and how sorry he had to go so suddenly?”

Christopher Robin didn’t think he had.

“Ha!” said Rabbit again, and looked very important.
“This is Serious. He is Lost. We must begin the Search at once.”

Christopher Robin, who was thinking of something else said: “Where’s Pooh?” — but Rabbit had gone. So he went into his house and drew a picture of Pooh going on a long walk at about seven o’clock in the morning. And then he climbed to the top of his tree and climbed down again, and then he wondered what Pooh was doing, and went across the Forest to see.


before the rain
she leaves without walking
the dog


nahaiwrimo — dog
from “The House at Pooh Corner,” “In which a search Is organdized, and Piglet nearly meets the Heffalump again”



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