So he bent down, put his head into the hole, and called out: “Is anybody at home?”

There was a sudden scuffling noise from inside the hole, and then silence.
“What I said was, ‘Is anybody at home?’” called out Pooh very loudly.

“No!” said a voice; and then added, “you needn’t shout so loud. I heard you quite well the first time.”

“Bother!” said Pooh. “Isn’t there anybody here at all?”


Winnie-the-Pooh took his head out of the hole, and thought for a little while, and he thought to himself,
“There must be somebody there, because somebody must have said ‘Nobody.’”



the birds are gone —
everywhere the stink
of catfish water



nahaiwrimo — catfish

excerpt from “Winnie-the-Pooh,” “In Which Pooh Goes Visiting and Gets Into a Tight Place”



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