before it rains by two doors


9 thoughts on “h

    1. angie werren says:

      ah, well. don’t know that he and I would see much eye to eye. πŸ˜€

      it’s the absence of cicadas, really. they are so loud for so long here that when they stop, the world tilts slightly.

      (thank you. suddenly the brush took control of the situation…)


  1. beautiful brush work Angie. wow. i knew i had missed something. i like the way you and your brush work together. the value shift is outstanding.

    you control while allowing the brush to do what it does. beautiful. delicate. powerful. simple. elegant. breath taking. mesmerizing. okay. i’ll stop. yeah. i like this. do more. do more. do more. do dozens more. dozens of dozens more. wow, entire walls of them more. (okay imo).


    1. angie werren says:

      oh, thank you rick πŸ˜€

      I haven’t had a chance to tell you how much I appreciated your advice (I think you left it on your blog) about painting. I haven’t had a chance to pick up the brush again since I did this — now that school started up on me again! — but I want to. I have the itch…

      I don’t have a clue what I’m doing, but… we’ll see what happens. what the brush wants to do. πŸ˜‰


        1. whew. i’m so glad to know what i said about brush etc. was okay to do… i thought may be i’d over done it and that was why this was the last one you did. and wow this is a beauty. ..

          …i know i can get very “lecturey” and dwell on a point to the point of obliteration. . . so… you know… dont listen to anything i say that does not connect with you…

          i may have left stuff in my blog comments, but i think there are things on yours too – i think may be on your first one. . . yeah, i do get yappity sometimes…

          i also understand how much our time can get parceled out. it’s very lopsided how many things we want to do and how much time we have to do them in. ..so no worries on the one-a-day. just do it when you can. and make sure it’s fun. if it’s fun, you’ll want to do it again (that’s how i see it). so scratch the itch when it’s itchin’. and play on.

          yeah, what the brush wants to do – follow that. everything does not have to come out wow. i often learn more on things that dont work than on things that do work. after all… if it works, i probably already know it. if it doesnt work, that’s when i can start figuring out what to change so that it will work.

          more suggestions/thoughts… that might make doing something daily easier.. if possible…

          if you have the space, set your paper and paint and brush, water, rags, other tools etc. up where you can leave it the way you use it. everything in place. so you can get up and leave it instantly as well as instantly sit down and be ready to start. doing something every day will make this process easy.

          pick a place (if possible) where you can just be there easily without having to go somewhere to it to get there.

          each day sit down without thinking about it. water your paints up a bit, fresh paint if needed etc. your tools and so on are already where you want them because that is how you left them… then dip your brush in and let go in directions that have occurred to you during your day – or the last 24 hours – or the last stretch of time since you worked/played with the brush.

          work for 5-10 minutes – if it’s not working fine, let it go. some days are like that and you’ve put in your 5-10 minutes that’s enough.

          on the other hand if you get lost in what you’re doing in that first 5-10 minutes and can afford the time it’s fine to go a little longer. as long as it’s fun. stop while it’s still fun tho. yeah, hard to do, but good to do sometimes too, stop when it’s still fun. and you’ll want to come back. if something goes wrong get up and leave it (there is another possibility for the future where you work through that yick stuff but initially i’d say, just let it go and restart the next day).

          do come back the next day even if you left in a hurry because of time or because something wasnt working out as you thought it should or wanted it to…. you can restart on the same thing the next day if you want to, but start a new thing too. yeah, start a new thing. even if you feel like a previous thing is not finished.

          yeah each day a new thing and when you stop on that new one, then see if you want to go back to one of the previous works. in general i’d say do not go back… but sometimes you know your idea is not complete but you may have stopped when it was still fun or because of time etc..

          it’s loose tho… so you know, adjust. …if you come to your new day and you crave starting back on something that has occurred to you in your “none-working time” it’s fine to do that first and then the new one… in general tho… starting a new one first is a good idea (imo). that way if you get lost in a previous work, you wont have to worry about getting to your “new” one. if you get lost on your new one when you start it first, cool on that, because you can always go back to a previous work on another day…

          it’s clear you are very sensitive to your brush, color and paper (as well as a lot more) – that is what painting is about – okay, one/some of the things that painting is about and that it takes to paint. the next thing is to simply give yourself the chance to immerse yourself in Doing it. you do that by each day 5-10 minutes and a new one and… you get the idea… (5-10 minutes is a general minimum. it does count and it is enough – more is fine – as long as you keep it fun). yeah. and fun. fun on.





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