it’s almost september — time to stretch my wings. rick daddario has issued a challenge {attempt to create an image and haiku to go together – either as haiga (the two as one image) or separately as haiku with an image – and post at least one a day} and since I have nothing else to do…  😀   actually, I have been inspired by rick’s work for a very long time. if you’re not familiar with his site, go see. I’ve decided to finally pick up the brushes and ink and paints I’ve collected and try to use them. I’ve never painted before, so this will be an interesting project. (for me, anyway). I’ll post photos of my attempts here ( #haiga and #one-a-day) until I figure out how to scan them directly.  

thanks for bearing with me.



5 thoughts on “one-a-day

  1. Strictly speaking (and over-simplifying) haiga involves the writing and image being executed with the same brush-and-ink, in what is effectively a single action conveying the same moment of ‘mono no aware’. I look forward to seeing your work. I have some old words/haiku connected to cartoons and photos which I was going to slip in among my other small stones, so you won’t be alone in this (although I won’t be doing it every day).



    1. angie werren says:

      thanks. I’m excited to try my hand at painting. I’ve been collecting art supplies, rolling ideas around in my head. hopefully my clumsy fingers can get the ideas on paper.

      glad you’ll be slipping some visuals in — can’t wait to see them!


      1. I have done a handful already… well a two or three I suppose, my words superimposed on photos by Dorothea Lange in my ‘I am and American’ series.

        By the way, I have just emailed you from the ‘the zen space’ email account’ 🙂


        1. angie werren says:

          I’ve seen them — I’ve been doing that bad ‘read-in-the-reader’ thing. need to hop over and comment!!

          there are several stuck in my head. 😀



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