first stroke by two doors


7 thoughts on “818h

    1. angie werren says:


      I’m not really happy with the word application. may need to buy a teenier brush… and I am just a bit embarrassed by my bamboo, but I’m hoping that there will be an improvement by month’s end.



  1. Not being acquainted with the finer points of haiga, I think this is just wonderful! The ku is superb and the bamboo nothing to be embarrassed about!

    Looking forward to your next…


  2. aloha Angie – plodding along – as in every day going at it again – yeah, that’s part of the secret (imo).

    i like (a lot) the value in your bamboo brush stroke – that is outstanding.

    i’ve found that when i write with a brush, or even a pencil for haiku on paper… that i like using all caps (usually) – for some reason (which i’ve thought about but wont go into here) the strokes and lines have a better feel in my view when i use all caps. of course it is always up to you.

    i’m also not sure if you’d like suggestions? like the above? or not. if not, that’s cool. just let me know and i’ll follow your wish. on the possibility that you may… one suggestion you might try (i mean another suggestion) is with each stroke you make, think of the stroke as having 3 parts and make each part definite. eventually you’ll do all 3 parts as one single natural stroke – start by understanding that it does have those 3 parts tho…

    the beginning – press a little extra.

    the middle – lift the brush – maintaining contact with the paper and move through the stroke…

    to the end – make the end definite – either lifting off the paper gradually to disappear – or – again as in the beginning, press a little extra.

    there are a lot of variations to that stroke of course – by practicing those 3 parts in each stroke (and you can just do that, stroke after stroke without trying to do anything more than make that stroke – like a single leaf) over time you’ll gain control of every mark you make so that each one is distinct and clear – just like each line in the ku. building the image with distinct, clear lines/strokes – will make the image distinct and clear…

    i think you are moving in that direction already – sometimes re-understanding that you are doing exactly what you are doing helps – you’ll come to all of this on your own as you keep doing one a day. sometimes someone saying what you are doing will short-cut the time in understanding the process. you still have to make it your own by doing it tho…

    regardless of any of this… have fun exploring what your brush can do. and what you can do collaborating with your brush. that is part of what is fun for me.




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