4 thoughts on “787 (snow day, part 2)

    1. angie says:

      thanks, rick.

      yeah — I like that frame (it’s in picnik), and that I can put words on it. got the idea when I found some old polaroids in a box of photos, all written on with a ball-point pen in the white space. wish I still has that camera and that film. it would be fun to make these “for real…”

      thinking about doing them next month w/o words…


      1. you could make that frame in most image programs and then print your work – as a photo. it would be easy to do. heck i can make a frame like that for you simple. what ever size you’d like. then you just plop your images in. could do it to a 4 x 6 size so you could have them printed that way and snip the end off… or could make it 8 x 12. that would be cool. you could write on paper. scan that in to the computer and put that on the photo too. cool ideas, Angie, cool.

        you could even scan an old Polaroid photo and use that as your base frame.

        yeah. i remember when Polaroids were used a lot because they were instant. there was a guy… i think it was… Lucas Lucas …he did polaroids. and then messed with the image before the 10 seconds or 30 seconds was up. i saw a great show of his once. and i’ve seen other things he’s done too. fun.




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