gathers last year’s grass

a rabbit




6 thoughts on “661

    1. angie says:

      thanks, rick.

      this one, I actually wrote while watching the rabbit and then took the picture. I was trying to play off that whole “year of the rabbit” thing, too. 😉


      1. ha. yeah. year of the rabbit. yeah, that works well.

        and i can see how the ku came about watching this moment. that happens to me too sometimes. especially recently with the concrete fossils. i find i have bits of ku running through my head as i begin photographing. later. when i look at the photos after off loading them onto the computer… those bits seem to float up in my memory and sometimes become the ku with the image – haiga.


        1. angie says:

          yeah, I need to return the favor and stop by your place. need to check out your concrete fossils. one of these days — only 20 more days of school!! (whew…)


          1. hahaha – at least i know what you mean when you say “surf the web” i dont know if kids use that term now or not.

            no worries about “returning the looking favor” – i know how time works for me. there are times which can last for days or weeks sometimes – or even months and may be more, when i doint get around to blogs i like to follow and see. when i get the chance and can do it, i like to poke my nose in and see what someone is doing. i dont see it as a requirement tho. when you have the time and want to look. cool. when you dont – cool on that too. it’s far more important as i see it to keep writing – or working on what you are doing with your blog and work. that way, when someone does get the chance to look – you have something to show them. and that’s cool. and if you’re falling asleep surfing… it’s probably time to close your eyes. . . another important thing occasionally. so cool on that too.

            hahaha – cool on 20 days left of school too. bwahahaha. have fun – both in those 20 days and after too. aloha.



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