my first haiga publication is up at tinywords! I’m honored to be included in this issue with so many wonderful poets, such gorgeous poetry.

thank you, mr. tweney!


2 thoughts on “tinywords

  1. oh. yes. exactly what i just said. a most excellent eye for balance and placement with great ku-ing in your haiga. i’m going to have to learn from you. way excellent. and congratulations. i have no doubt there will be many more.


    1. angie says:

      oh, thank you so much, rick!

      my little picture/poem things are like my babies — I’m much more attached to them than my poetry. it’s so wonderful to know that you understand what I see, and to know that I’m not crazy. (or at least to know I’m not the only crazy one out there!!)

      (my daughter would probably disagree; I made her sit through a green light yesterday so I could snap a picture of birds on a wire!! 😀 )

      and I have boatloads to learn from you — you are quite inspiring.



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