the cat burgles my chocolate
(I need a dish with a paw-proof lid)



3 thoughts on “597

    1. angie says:

      oh my goodness!

      I put some little wrapped candies in an old glass cigar jar (that was my grandpa’s) — yummy honey drops and ginger drops and some dove chocolates — right next to my computer. (you know, inspiration?) and then I notice my sly cat sitting on the shelf next to it. well, ok. that’s fine. then I leave the room and hear strange papery noises and come back; there she is pulling candies out and throwing them on the floor! she wasn’t eating them — just playing with them. I will probably find them all winter long, hiding under the furniture. 😀


  1. bwahahahahha – you know… there have been times when cats have been in my life. now, it occurs to me that in some of those times i’d find exactly the kind of candy you are describing under a sofa or in a corner behind some shelving and wonder how it got there. thinking… must have fallen when i filled the dish. and got kicked over here without me noticing. NOW, i think i know how those things happened. Cat Candy! bwahahahahaha. and i never once saw it happen. sneaky silent little creatures…



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