wolf moon
they prowl the village grocery
and howl



3 thoughts on “592

  1. Nice. I just read about the names of the various moons last week. I used the wolf moon in mine for today and then posted various wrong drafts to a bunch of place. Something to sort out tonight. At any rate, this is really good.


    1. angie says:

      me, too.

      (reading about the moons; I saw a few things about wolf moon on twitter and looked it up. the marvels of internet!)

      I really like february (ice) and april (growing) — and march (storm) is good, too.

      good luck on the sorting. 🙂


    2. angie says:

      oh, and thanks!
      I wrote this the night before the big snowstorm; my daughter had called to tell me what a huge mistake she made stopping at the grocery store. people were acting like wild animals. 😉



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