today slips
into the room     hungry
on tiny paws




13 thoughts on “556

    1. angie says:

      sorta does, doesn’t it mark?

      today is really my cat. she has appeared in other ku with the same name (shhh- that’s a secret device.)

    1. angie says:

      thanks, rick.
      glad you like it — thought of that in the shower! I do my picture-poem thing in picnik (through flickr) and when you add text, it allows you to rotate the words around. it may be a premium feature; I don’t know. I just put in one word at a time and wiggled them around.

      I don’t really like the “tiny paws” up in the ear so much; my daughter actually told me to take that part out completely and just have the poem be “today / slips into the room / hungry” — maybe she’s right. but I feel like that takes away the catness, but taking mark’s point — with it, things get a little foggy. 😀

      1. angie says:

        and oh, the picture was just me trying to get a shot of stella in the laundry basket; that’s the fridge behind her. I almost threw out those shots (there’s another one with more ear) but then I decided I like the yin-yangy thing going on…

        1. yeah, i can see the point about dropping the paws. i like it both ways. i’d probably have to live with it for a year or 97 before i’d suddenly realize which i prefer.

          thanks on the info. that’s a very cool font if it’s a font or are you adding your actual hand writing? interesting.

          yeah, i no longer toss out my “bad” shots, i find i like playing with those more than my “good” shots. yeah, you have a great way with image and word, i like this direction. cool.

          1. angie says:

            oh, yeah — they have a lot of cool fonts in there, too. I would like to use my own handwriting, if I could figure out a way to do it. but I like to play with their fonts and try to get it to match the picture a bit.

            it’s a problem. I can get lost in there for hours. good thing the cat reminds me when it’s time to eat! 😀

          2. yeah, when i use given fonts i try to match feeling with image/words. i like using my own hand and i can do that in a couple of ways now. i was scanning my hand writing in at one time. but that’s the only way i know how to do it without the hardware i have now (a tablet-like device that uses a pen-like device as a mouse) ….wow, cat’s aught to understand that mouse thing. yeah, again. cats and dogs and food. good thing, yes. ha. …geez, i’m having a difficult time getting my self into sleep. it’s a new year. i want to do every thing.

    1. yeah, i had bits of it in the back of my skull when i saw it mentioned. sometimes i write a ku and look at it and wonder if i’ve written it before… or worse… if someone else has. i hope not, but one day i’m worried i’ll find out my better ku were written from memory of what others did. yikes. i dont think you have that issue here tho, btw. …yeah, it’s late for me. i need to sleep. bwahahahahahaha.

      1. angie says:

        I’m just getting up! 🙂

        I think that’s a good thing, at least with ku. it’s an evolving kind of poem, don’t you think? pulling all the history of each word into a new way of looking at it.

        happy new year, rick. 😀

  1. yes. if it’s evolving that’s cool. and a new way of looking at anything – yeah, that’s valid. and yeah, happy new year, Angie – it’s going to be a fine new year. because that’s how i want it to be. have fun. aloha.


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