a river of stones

the lovely Fiona Robyn has a challenge for you: write a small stone every day in the month of January. she has set up a blog —a river of stones— where you can join in the fun. there’s even some rocking badges!

for more info and to join the participant list, just click the new-and-improved badge below!

come on — I’m doing it! why don’t you?


ps — my small stones are listed under “aros”

a river of stones

3 thoughts on “a river of stones

  1. yeah. i KNOW it will be fun. it’s the timing that is a challenge for me. i’m often out of sync with the world. beginning in late january would work better for me but then… i can always do it on my own schedule…

    yeah. stones. those things that always are. …does it really matter if i start them on January 1?

    (thanks for the encouragement, Angie, yes, i should. sheesh another should i’ll probably tweak in my own time…)



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